Krushial K

Krushial K is the founder of “True 2 U Records” an independent record label as well as “Krushial K Productions” where he produces unique styles of music. Krushial K began his music career around at age 14, producing and writing music. His influences cross multiple genres and include many artists.  

Krushial K began his entertainment career as a child model and developed a love for music at a very young age.  He formed a local hip hop group and at their very first performance, a local radio programmer immediately took notice and with that his very first song "Skinny Girl Jeans" was on the radio locally. He later went solo and continued to write, produce and perform other songs which continued to opened doors to a wider audience and growing fan base.

Today, Krushial K is releasing a new single called," Watch Dat Chick Work” a high energy dance song, perfect for the summer party season, or your workout playlist.  Watch the video and download the music. Join the mailing list to get special gifts for fans and to stay informed of upcoming events.